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Tower Internals Technology


GTI Solutions offers a full line of tower internals in addition to our tray and packing lines.  These items are critical to mass transfer performance, and choosing the correct equipment is important to get the most out of your distillation column. 


GTI Solutions internals include the following product lines:


  • Liquid Distributors

  • Liquid Collectors and Draw-off Trays

  • Feed Devices

  • Support Plates

  • Bed Limiters

  • Liquid-Liquid Extraction Internals

  • Reactor Internals

  • Other Customer Designed Equipment


These tower internals are made from a variety of materials from carbon steel and high alloy steel, duplex steel, titanium, and zirconium along with a variety of polymers and ceramics.  Optimized for ease of installation and designed to maximize performance, they are the final piece when coupled with our tray and packing portfolio.

TTD-147 Trough Liquid Distributor with Baffle Plates

TTD-146 Trough Liquid Distributor with Drip Tubes

DRD-116/117 Deck Orifice Liquid Distributor

TTD-210 Channel Trough Liquid Disributor with bottom orifices


SND-100 Spray Nozzle Distributor

TDF-210 Trough Distributor for Offshore Application

Liquid Distributors

Liquid Distribution is the most critical parameter for packed bed performance. GTI Solutions offers a full range of distributors for any application including but not limited to:


                  Liquid Loads of 0.015 M3/M2 h up to 450 M3/M2/h

                  High Operating Ranges

                  Fouling Applications

                  Two liquid Phases

                  Offshore Applications


G-FLOW™-611 Radial Vapor Horn

G-VANE™-600 Multi-Vane Distributor

VB-600 V-Baffle Distributor

Vapor Distribution and Flashing Feed Systems

Vapor distribution is not seen as critical as liquid distribution, however improper distribution can have negative effects on column performance.  GTI Solutions offers a full range of vapor distribution with computational fluid dynamics available for specific case studies.  Whether two phase or all vapor feeds GTI Solutions has an answer for you distribution needs.

GTI Solutions offers a variety of support systems for every packing type.  Designed to be installed without welding and supported from tower attachments these designs can be installed quickly and provide good mechanical integrity.  For larger towers and / or deeper beds additional beams supports will be provided.

RPS-201 Gas Injection Support Plate

SPS-201 Structured Packing Support Grid

Packing Supports

GTI Solutions provides a range of collector and draw-off trays to suit individual application. The type of collector we recommend is based on the applications, amount of liquid draw, residence time requirement, pressure drop limitation, and space available within the column.

DCT-110 Deck Riser Collector

VCT-401 Vane Collector

Collecting Devices

Liquid distributors are essential for maximizing packed tower performance.  The type of liquid distributor depends on factors such as the liquid rate, column diameter, type of service, type of packing, foaming tendency, fouling tendency and operating range. 

In order to maximize packing performance, GTI SOLUTIONS liquid distributors feature


  • Homogeneous liquid distribution over their entire operating range

  • Cross mixing capability

  • Adequate turndown capability

  • Minimum pressure drop with good vapor distribution

  • Easy installation

  • Fouling and plugging resistance

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