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Products & Services

GTI Solutions is a process equipment and technology company committed to providing innovative mass transfer equipment and solutions to the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. Our experties in process design, engineering, and manufacturing allow us to deliver the most cost effective quality products for all your mass transfer applications.

GTI Solutions offers a full portfolio of mass transfer equipment covering both trays and packings to include both conventional and high performance devices.

  • Conventional trays

  • G-HPT high performance trays

  • Structured packing

  • Random packing

  • Other tower internals

  • Separation equipments

All sales of products and/or services described on this website are subject to GTI Solutions company’s terms and conditions, without deviation unless agreed to in writing and signed by both parties. A copy of such terms and conditions may be requested from the applicable GTI Solutions company. Under no circumstances shall GTI Solutions be liable for incidental, consequential damages for alleged negligence, breach of warranty, tort or contract arising in connection with the product(s). Buyer’s sole remedy and GTI Solutions’ sole liability for any claims shall be limited to Buyer’s purchase price.


GTI Solutions provides a full range of engineering services to include :

  • Process model validation

  • Revamp evaluations for increased capacity

  • Divided wall column design and evaluation

  • Energy solutions

  • Troubleshooting and benchmarking

  • EPC services

  • CFD analysis associated with mass transfer equipment

Field Services

GTI Solutions offers field services in relation to pressure vessel internals installation.  Depending on the country where the field work is located, this may involve either site supervision or advisors up to a full turnkey installation and equipment service.

Research & Development
  • Updating design models for a variety of products via air water and hydrocarbon testing

  • Research into VLE data and process models

  • New product development

GTI Solutions is constantly striving to improve and update our product portfolio and engineering services.  In this regard research is conducted to update our hydraulic and efficiency calculations for all products.  This is accomplished via our in-house R&D efforts along with industry and academic partners.  These efforts include:

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