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Packed Tower Technology


Over the last four decades, structured packing has become the preferred mass transfer equipment of choice for many applications.  Structured packing’s greatest advantage is they provide lowest pressure drop and maximum stages per unit of packed bed height in low to moderate liquid load application.


GTI SOLUTIONS offers a full range of structured packing products including:

  • Conventional structured packing

  • High capacity packing

  • High efficiency packing

  • Aqueous service structured packing

  • Gauze structured packing

  • Grid structured packing


The type of packing used is determined after assessing the operating pressure, liquid load, pressure drop, separation requirement and fouling potential of the application.


Although structured packing is becoming more common in packed tower applications, random packing can still offer advantages in applications such as:

  • High pressure fractionators

  • Fouling or corrosive services

  • Light end fractionations (demethanizer, deethanizer, depropanzier and debutanizer)

  • Foaming services (acid gas absorbers and sour water strippers)

G-sPAC™ Conventional Structured Packing


G-sPAC is an industry standard structured packing available in a variety of sizes.  Typically used in vacuum to moderate pressure applications, it offers low pressure drop and good efficiency in hydrocarbon and other applications. 


This packing is commonly available with crimp angle of 45° and 60°, referred to as X type and Y type respectively.


G-MxPAC™ High Capacity Structured Packing

G-MxPAC structured packing is high capacity version of G-sPAC packing and can be used in the same applications.  Available in surface areas from 220 m2/m3 this packing increased capacity by up to 20 ~ 30% over standard structured packing. 


The key feature of this packing is the bends at the end of each layer that reduce the friction and liquid hold up at the layer interface, allowing for a smooth transition that increases the capacity and reduces pressure drop.


G-MxPAC- β™ High Efficiency

Structured Packing

G-AQPAC™ Structured Packing

for Aqueous Service

This packing includes the same features as the G-MxPAC structured packing with additional features to increase the efficiency by 10-15%.  This results in a slightly increased pressure drop but still maintains a high capacity gain when compared to conventional structured packing.

G-AQPAC has been developed specifically for aqueous systems and high surface tension applications such as acetic acid dehydration and methanol-water separations. 

The special surface treatment on this packing allows for better wetting of the packing sheets increasing the efficiency.

Additional features of this packing are as per the G-MxPAC line increasing the capacity over conventional structured packing.

Please note that certain high capacity structured packing products are not available in all countries.

For your specific requirement, please contact our sales support team.



G-BX Gauze Structured Packing is manufactured from a woven wire gauze material and achieves the highest level of separation stages per unit of packed bed height.



G-eGRID is a heavy duty grid structured packing used in severe services were capacity and durability are the most important concern.



G-sGRID is a structured packing similar to the conventional type with a smooth service and manufactured from thicker materials.

G-PR™ Random Packing

G-PR™ Random Packing

G-RR™ Random Packing

G-RR™ Random Packing

PLASTIC Random Packing

PLASTIC Random Packing

CERAMIC Random Packing

CERAMIC Random Packing

Other Structured Packing Types

G-IR™ High Performance Metal Random Packing

G-IR™ is a high performance packing that uses propriety shape to maximise capacity and minimise pressure drop. The propriety shape results in minimum nesting allowing higher surface area utilisation improving packing efficiency. The flange construction at the edge provide greater mechanical strength allowing deeper beds.

G-CR™ is a high performance random packing that applies lower aspect (diameter to height) ratio of 1:3 when compared to conventional random packing G-PR™ that uses 1:1. This results in the preferential orientation of the packing in near horizontal position providing lower resistance to vapor and liquid flow and also higher surface area utilisation resulting in higher capacity, lower pressure drop and improved efficiency. The flange construction at the edge provide greater mechanical strength allowing deeper beds.

G-CR™ High Performance Metal Random Packing

Other Random Packings

GTI Solutions offers a full range of packing in high alloy, ceramic, plastic and carbon materials. 

Whether for new supply or replacement GTI Solutions can meet your random packing needs.

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