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Thank you for your interest in GTI Solutions.
We can be reached at addresses provided on this page. Please use our online inquiry forms to submit more detail information:

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Global Locations

Korea: GTI Solutions Korea Co., Ltd.


    Technical & Sales Office

    Mapo-gu, Seoul

    Phone: +82-2-6246-7400

    Fax:      +82-2-6246-7409



    Manufacturing Facility

    Wonju-si, Gangwon-do

    Phone: +82-33-901-9241

    Fax:      +82-33-901-9295


USA: GTI Solutions International LLC.


    Technical & Sales Office

    Dallas, Texas

    Phone: +1-707-400-0214

    Fax:      +1-707-202-1916




Japan: GTI Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.


    Technical & Sales Office

    Shinbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo

    Phone: +81-3-6452-9555

    Fax:      +81-3-6452-9557






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