Tray Technology

GTI Solutions offers a full range of tray products and services to serve the refining, chemical, and petrochemical industries.  These products will vary from industry standard valve and sieve trays to a variety of high performance trays. 



Our team of experts have extensive experience in a wide range of mass transfer applications and can provide innovation solutions to the most challenging separation requirements. Whether you require exotic metals hardware replacements during a turnaround or reconfiguring the process scheme for process optimization and energy savings, we offer a single solution window to advise and implement mass transfer equipment solutions. Our portfolio of tray products include:

Conventional Trays

G-HPT™ High Performance Tray Technology

GTI Solutions offers a variety of high performance trays and active devices to maximize the capacity and efficiency of your distillation equipment.


G-MxPush™ High Performance Trays


G-MxPush are designed to reduce liquid gradient across the tray deck and provide uniform vapor distribution. These trays are generally used in pumparound circuits and/or other high liquid load services.




G-MxMD™ High Performance Trays 


G-MxMD is a cross-flow multiple downcomer tray. It features high capacities with better efficiencies than conventional multiple downcomers trays.  The resulting low weir load with reduced downcomer back-up and froth height allows for a smaller column diameter than would be achievable with conventional trays.  



GTI Solutions has developed a wide range of valve types and features known as G-HPT™ to enhance the vapor and liquid contacting, or mass transfer, that take place on a tray deck. 

The G-mF1 valve is a miniature fixed valve punched from the tray deck while the G-pF1 valve is a high performance directional valve used to improve the flow of fluid across the tray deck.

The G-sF2 valve is snap-in fixed valve installed on the tray deck with a high net rise to resist fouling. It features a proprietary downcomer configuration to improve column performance.


High Performance Valves

G-Frac™ High Performance Trays

G-Frac is a high performance cross-flow tray that use tray deck enhancement along with improved downcomer technology to achieve additional 20 ~ 30% capacity with same or higher tray efficiency when compared to conventional valve trays.

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